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Sat 9 Dec
Army vs. Navy Fundraiser
Sat 24 Jun
UPCOMING EVENT - VFT Georgia - The Bandit Jump - Classic Movie. Iconic Stunt. Recreated for an Amazing Cause
Tue 13 Jun
VFT:LA 06/2017 Guest Series event w/ Gary Sinise, Actor
Sun 28 May
VFT: LA May '17 New Directions 5K Walk / Run with Team Lionsgate
Thu 11 May
VFT:LA 05/2017 Guest Series event w/ Mykelti Williamson, Actor
Tue 2 May
VFT:LA May '17 Special Screening of Heat w/ Q & A with Director Michael Mann
Thu 27 Apr
VFT:LA Class - How to Maximize Linked In for your Entertainment Career
Tue 25 Apr
VFT:LA - Lionsgate Interview and Resume Workshop
Wed 5 Apr
VFT:LA 04/2017 Guest Series event w/ Graham Yost, Producer
Wed 29 Mar
VFT:LA 03/2017 Disney SALUTE event
Wed 1 Feb
VFT:LA Class - Music Supervisor Abe Bradshaw
Thu 26 Jan
VFT:LA Class - Q&A on the Business of Acting with Max Martini