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Technical Advising

Musa on Fox's "Enlisted"

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BY GREG BISHOP - This week Fox Television will premiere "Enlisted" their new "workplace comedy" about three brothers serving in an Army Rear Detachment unit. We served as their lead consultants on the show, not including the pilot episode. When the producers called us, we were familiar with the project, but we had big concerns about associating our brand with a military comedy during a time of war. We knew service members' and Veterans' first impressions would skew toward the negative. To us, this was a virtual business

The Technical Advising of Lone Survivor

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BY MARK SEMOS - Lone Survivor is a work of unique filmmaking, and tells a true story born in the harrowing perseverance and teamwork of the nation's most reticent heroes. The concentration of emotion and passion born out of Operation Redwings resides daily in the hearts and minds of the family and friends who survive the fallen. For the families and teammates impacted by the operation